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Firma Wieczorek Meble Tapicerowane was established by Mr Janusz Wieczorek in 1990. In connection with the continuous development of the company in 2019, a decision was made to change the legal form of business operations resulting in the establishment of FWMT POLAND Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. It needs to be emphasized that the members of the newly created entity are only family members. The above allows you to guarantee to the contractors that the company’s values will be maintained for subsequent years. Up to now it has remained a 100% Polish capital based company. As the manufactured furniture has always been of the highest quality, FWMT has been developing quickly and steadily. At present we are employing 70 workers who are highly qualified and operate innovative machines and equipment. Our furniture has been recognized not only in Poland but also on the European market in such countries as Belgium, Czechia, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and Slovakia. The number of our satisfied customers is growing because the quality of our products is our top priority.


Every single item of furniture leaving our factory undergoes a three-stage quality inspection. We take particular care of every detail and follow current global trendy. This way of production management allows us to focus totally on export. Our collection consists of over 120 different models and it is constantly being developed. We offer a range of exclussive resting furniture sets, functional sofas and corner sofas as well as comfortable armchairs. We do realize that to be a professional furniture supplier we must not only manufacture perfectly finished products but also serve our customers efficiently. Delivering orders on time is our second top priority.


…design,quality and caring for every detail – this makes our brand special on the market.


logoFWMTczarnobialeFWMT Poland Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

REGON: 382176935
NIP: 7773345816
Numer KRS: 0000764993

ul. Leśna 4, 62-050 Krosno k. Mosiny (20 km od Poznania)

+48 61 813 63 66



Do Państwa dyspozycji oddajemy jedyny w Polsce salon, w którym obejrzeć można najnowszą kolekcję mebli produkowanych przez FWMT. Na ponad 200 m2 prezentujemy modele dostosowane do nowości z rynków europejskich. Ponadto oferujemy dużą ilość tkanin obiciowych oraz możliwość ich indywidualnego wyboru. Podczas wizyty w naszym salonie, przy podejmowaniu decyzji pomoże profesjonalna obsługa, która udzieli technicznych informacji odnośnie każdego z produktów, zapewniając gwarancję producenta.

ul. Leśna 4, 62-050 Krosno k. Mosiny (20 km od Poznania)

+48 61 813 63 66


opening hours:
mo-fri 7 -15
sat 9-13

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